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Vaping Demystified

Misconceptions about vaping decrease the likely hood of lowering smoking-related deaths Vaping products have become the most popular stop smoking aid in England and offer smokers a smoke-free nicotine alternative. Despite agreement from the UK’s leading health organisations that they are far less harmful than traditional cigarettes, vaping products have been met with considerable uncertainty… Read More »


QUIT SMOKING THIS OCTOBER WITH ECO-VAPE For us at EcoVape, Stoptober is an important time of the year. As a Vaping company, having the opportunity to play a part in helping people quit smoking is a job we relish.  For many of us at Eco-Vape, we have first hand experience… Read More »

Vladdin Slide Review

The Worlds 1st AIO POD System The Vladdin Slide is a selectable-voltage AIO device with a unique twist! The Slide is a compact kit with one resin panel that slides down to reveal a 2ml pod with replaceable coils and adjustable airflow. The Slide panel can’t be removed, if you… Read More »

NEW 50ml Dainty’s Ice Range

6 Brand New Flavours! The New Dainty’s Ice Range consists of the 6 following new flavours! APPLEBERRY – Frozen strawberries and apples are just meant to be together. BLACKCURRANT BLITZ – Ice cold blueberries with a bold blackcurrant centre BLACK LEM – A refreshing blend of sweet blackcurrant and lemon ice FRUIT… Read More »

The Liquids our Customers LOVE

Here at EcoVape, we sell a seemingly endless amount of different liquids and flavours. Have you ever wondered to yourself which are the most popular liquids? In this blog we go though a list of the 5 most popular selling EcoVape liquids of the year, because why not? 🙂 5… Read More »

Aspire x Sunbox Mixx Review

The Aspire Sunbox Mixx Mod The Aspire Sunbox Mixx is an outstanding collaboration between Aspire & the Italian engineering studio Sunbox. The Aspire Sunbox Mixx is the result of high-end precision engineering. The Mod is full metal with CNC process detail throughout. Precision manufacturing and refined material choices lift the… Read More »

5 Advanced Vape Tricks

Have you mastered our beginner vape tricks? It’s about time you move onto some harder, more advanced vape tricks. Here’s 6! Double and Triple O’s If you can blow O’s perfectly this trick will be easy for you. Blow an O but this time use your finger to create 2… Read More »

Freebase vs Nic Salts

Nicotine salts are becoming increasingly popular amongst vapers. Every day more people are trying Nic Salts and deciding whether they are going to switch or not. In this guide we will compare Freebase Nicotine to Nic Salts and outline the advantages and disadvantages of the two. What is Freebase Nicotine… Read More »

7 Beginner Vape Tricks

So you have had your Vape for a while and now you want to learn how to do a few tricks to impress your friends? Here’s a list of the top beginner vape tricks and how to do them! Waterfall The Waterfall trick is very simple and there are multiple… Read More »

GeekVape Aegis X Available Now!

GeekVape Aegis X The legendary Aegis from GeekVape has evolved into a beast of a mod that’s built to handle every environment. Packed with cutting-edge features including the latest AS 2.0 chipset, the Aegis X Mod is the most advanced dual-battery device from GeekVape yet. The Aegis X is constructed… Read More »