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Advanced Vape Tricks

Have you mastered our beginner vape tricks? It’s about time you move onto some harder, more advanced vape tricks. Here’s 5!


Double and Triple O’s

If you can blow O’s perfectly this trick will be easy for you. Blow an O but this time use your finger to create 2 section of your mouth, this will create two O’s instead of one. The same is done for triple O’s, use two fingers this time instead! Although it looks impressive, the technique is quite simple and if you’ve mastered blowing O’s you should find it very easy.


Pushing and bending O’s

Pushing and bending your O’s is the ultimate way to showoff that you have mastered the art of the O’s! To push and bend your O’s cup your hand next to your mouth as you blow a ring. Follow the ring with your hand, gently directing it wherever you want it to go. As it lingers in front of you, gently move your hand behind it and using the air your hand is pushing, direct the ring and push it forward. With practice you can basically control your O’s to do whatever you want.



Timing is everything with this trick. Blow a thick smoke ring and use use your hands to tap on the sides of the ring turning it into a triangle. Sounds pretty simple, but can still take some time to learn, even if you are an expert at blowing rings.


The Lasso/Jellyfish

This is another trick where mastering your O’s is a must. You will need to know not only how to blow solid O’s, but also vary their sizes. First, blow a large thick ring and immediately after blow a smaller one through the middle of it, the smaller one will get caught by the bigger one wrapping around it creating the lasso effect. A very impressive looking trick when done correctly.


Bull Ring

The Bull Ring trick is another that comes in the form of an O. Start by blowing a thick dense ring and pushing it forwards, next move your head towards it and start inhaling the ring through your nose. This gives the effect of a bull ring giving the trick its name! This is a good trick to impress your friends with.