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EV Nic Shots 3 packs, use a nic shot calculator

Nic Shots

Nic shots, aka nicotine shots or booster shots, are 10ml bottles of nicotine that can be added directly into zero nicotine shortfill e-liquids. This helps vapers get more juice for less money, as 0% nicotine e-liquids can be sold in bottles larger than 10ml in the UK. This allows the user to buy their nicotine separately and add it to taste.

Nic shots offer flexibility, allowing vapers the opportunity to get just the right amount of nicotine that is required. They usually contain 18mg of nicotine and come in a variety of options, including with salt nicotine or different amounts of PG and VG – the two main ingredients in e-liquids – which we will discuss below.

Made in the UK and available at great prices, whether you’re a sub ohm vaper or just looking to get more juice for less with shortfill e-liquids, our range of nic shots has you covered.

Nic Salt Shots

If you prefer vaping salt nicotine rather than freebase nicotine, then our nic salt shots are perfect for use. Nic salt shots are typically less harsh on the throat compared to nic shots with freebase nicotine, and can allow for higher strengths of nicotine for those that need it.

Nic Shot 18mg

Most nicotine shots contain 18mg of nicotine in either a VG, PG or 50/50 base. Nic shots with a VG base are thicker, smoother on the throat and produce denser vapour clouds, but carry less flavour.

Nic shots with a PG base are thinner and carry more flavour, but can be slightly harsher on the throat and produce less vapour clouds.

Nic Shot Calculator

Use our nic shot calculator guide to help you work out how many nuic shots you need to add to your e-liquid to reach different nicotine strengths.

How many nic shots for 100ml to make 3mg?

Most people using shortfill e-liquids aim for around 3mg of nicotine strength, as shortfill e-liquids are usually vaped through high wattage devices and sub ohm coils, producing large vapour clouds that deliver more nicotine than smaller devices with less vapour production. Anything higher than a 3mg liquid in a sub ohm device may be harsh on the throat and deliver too much nicotine, too quickly.

To get 3mg nicotine in a 100ml e-liquid you will need to add two 10ml nic shots (18mg) directly into the bottle. As shortfill e-liquid bottles intentionally leave extra capacity in the bottle to add up to two nicotine shots, you can add the nicotine shots straight into the bottle.

Read our nic shot calculator guide to learn more.

What are the different types of nic shot?

There are lots of different kinds of nic shots to help you customise your e-liquids to exactly how you want them. If you want to sweeten your e-liquid, a syrup or sweet nic shot might do the trick, and there are super sweet nic shots if you have a sweet tooth.

If you like an icy chill from your e-liquids, then try using an ice or double ice nic shot that can transform any plain e-liquid flavour into a refreshing icy cool. If you want to keep it simple, try a standard nic shot with a VG or PG base or even a nic salt shot for a smoother nicotine hit on the throat.

Here is a list of the different kinds of nic shot available:

  • Nic Shot 18mg with VG Base
  • Nic Shot 18mg with PG Base
  • Nic Shot 18mg with 50/50 VG/PG Base
  • Nic Salt Shot 18mg
  • Syrup Nic Shot 18mg
  • Sweet Nic Shot 18mg
  • Super Sweet Shot 18mg
  • Ice Nic Shot 18mg
  • Double Ice Nic Shot 18mg

Find the right nic shot for you: