Age Verification FAQ

Why have we added age verification to

As a seller of nicotine-containing products, we are required by law to complete our own due diligence to ensure our products do not fall into the hands of minors.

Who collects my information for this?

We have integrated a system from AgeChecked for this. AgeChecked takes the information inputed to create you order (name, email, phone, address) to cross-reference with public data.

What information is collected?

Predominantly it is just the information you have inputed to create your order (name, email, phone, address). However, if this is not sufficient to match your info with a data set, we will need you to provide further information. If this is also insufficient, AgeChecked will request either a copy of your driving license or passport.

Does it cost anything?

There is no cost to you for using this age verification process.

How does it work?

1. Make your Order and go to checkout. You can log in, register, or skip using an account at this point.

2. Proceed to enter your billing and shipping details, remembering to input your phone number for delivery. Accept the terms and conditions and proceed.

3. You will be taken to the payment provider of your choice.

4.  After payment, you will be taken back to our site for the age verification system to run the check. You will see the working icon from AgeChecked showing it is attempting to verify your age with the available data.  

5. If we cannot verify you at this point your order will be put on hold. Please contact with a copy of your ID and we can manually verify you and get your order moving again.