IQOS 3 Duo Heat Not Burn - Charger & Holder Front ImageIQOS 3 Duo Heat Not Burn HEETS Holder Front Full
IQOS 3 Duo Kit
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Aspire Flexus Q Vape Kit
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VooPoo Argus GT 2 Kit
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Aspire Zelos X Mod
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FreeMax Marvos RTA Pod
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FreeMax Marvos Vape Kit
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IQOS 3 Duo Kit (Heat Not Burn)

The IQOS Duo 3 is a heat-not-burn device that uses real tobacco compressed into HEET sticks that are heated/cooked rather than burned. Designed as a first step to help very heavy smokers quit for good by closely replicating the taste and sensation of a normal cigarette.


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Common Questions about Vape Hardware

Popular Vape Hardware Brands

Eco-Vape stocks a range of top quality vape brands for hardware, mods, disposables and more. Some of our most popular hardware options include:

E-Cigs Vs Vapes

E-cigs are usually simpler devices that are often used to help people to quit smoking. They are similar to vape pens, allowing the user to add their own e-liquid and may have very simple customisability (three power settings, for example). As a result, they can be easier to maintain than a vape device and are designed around convenience.

Vapes generally refer to larger devices like mods and pods. These offer more customisability for the user and often require regular maintenance, such as changing tanks, coils or cotton.

They can also allow the user to control wattage, resistance and temperature. These are ideal for more advanced vapers and are usually more expensive than e-cigs – though not always. They are great for performing vape tricks and have many more options to personalise your vaping experience.

Different Types of Vape Hardware
What are Vape Mods?

Vape mods are larger vape devices with powerful batteries. They are generally recommended for experienced vapers. They offer the ability to personalise your vaping experience by changing resistance, wattage and temperature.

There are different types of vape mods, including RDA (rebuildable dripping atomiser), and RTA (rebuildable tank atomiser). Read our guide to the best vape mods for more information on vape mods and which brands we recommend.

What are Vape Pods?

Vape pods are refillable vape devices that offer lots of flexibility for the user. They usually include a small, rechargeable vape device alongside separate e-liquid ‘pods’, or containers of e-liquids. They’re great for beginners and also experienced vapers who want a convenient device when they’re on the go.

Pods make switching flavours easy; they come with interchangeable containers (known as pods) which you fill with e-liquid or nic salts, rather than a single tank/reservoir. Then you swap out the pods when it runs out or you want to change flavours. 

Read our guide to vaping hardware for more information about vape pods.

What are Disposable Vapes?

Disposable vapes are pre-built devices that contain e-liquid, a coil, cotton and a small battery packaged into a single, small device. Ready to go out of the box, disposable vapes are incredibly simple to use. They come in many different flavours and usually 10mg/ml or 20mg/ml nicotine strengths.

We recommend the Hyppe Maxx disposable vape, with 600 puffs, a 500mAh battery and 20mg of hybrid salt nicotine. It’s ideal for people quitting smoking and as a convenient vape in the car or on the go.

Check out our full disposables range on our online vape store.

What are Vape Kits?

Vape kits are sets of vaping equipment that come with a vaping device (usually a mod), e-liquid, coils, tanks, batteries and/or a charger. They’re ideal for beginners to vaping as they come with everything you need to get started.

These are a great way to get started with vaping and to familiarise yourself with how tanks and coils work. A vape kit should also include a vape mod. These are larger vape devices with powerful batteries that offer flexibility for resistance, temperature and more.

Check out our full range of vape kits on our online vape store.

What are Vape Tanks?

Vape tanks are used with vape mods. They are sealed containers that have a space for e-liquid and an atomizer (with a coil) to heat and evaporate the e-liquid. There are different kinds of vape tanks, so you should find out which tanks are compatible with your vape mod (check the product details leaflet or visit the manufacturer’s website).

We have a broad range of popular vape tanks for multiple vape mods, including the Nautilus Nano and GeekVape Zeus, as well as many sub-ohm options.