5 Steps To A Successful Vapril

Vapril is the perfect time to ditch cigarettes for vaping. These 5 simple steps will get you started on your vaping journey!

How Vaping Can Help You Quit Smoking

If you’re quitting smoking this Vapril, you’re joining the 2.4 million former smokers who have already quit for good by turning to vaping (ash.org). Not only is vaping healthier and cheaper than smoking but using vaping to quit cigarettes also increases your chances of successfully quitting.

Vapril 2022 - Vaping increases the likelihood of a successful cigarette quit attempt by 50%

Vapril is a Great Time to Quit Smoking!

According to NHS Stop Smoking Services, “using a vaping product as part of a quit attempt in local stop smoking services had some of the highest quit success rates – between 59.7% and 74% in 2019 and 2020.”

Not only that, vaping is 70% more effective than nicotine replacement therapy, according to the 2020 Cochrane Review into e-cigarettes.

The NHS is even considering prescribing e-cigarettes as part of its national Stop Smoking campaign. So if you’re looking to make the change this Vapril, here are the main steps you can take to use vaping to successfully quit cigarettes.

Step 1: Understand Your Needs & Habits

Vapril 2022 Understand Your Smoking Habits

As Vapril approaches, first spend some time thinking about your current smoking habits. For example, how many cigarettes do you usually smoke per day? This will help you choose the right strength of nicotine and a vape device that can meet your needs.

Think about what situations you are most likely to want a cigarette. If you smoke at home often, a larger vape device might be ideal. If you’re a social smoker who only smokes on a night out, a disposable vape might be ideal instead. It can also help to avoid situations where you’re likely to want a cigarette, such as being near other people who are smoking.

It’s a great idea to calculate how much it currently costs you to smoke cigarettes. Though there are some upfront costs to starting vaping, the savings are massive when compared to the cost of smoking cigarettes, especially if you’re a heavy smoker. 

It can be a great motivating tool when you know how much money you are saving every week after quitting cigarettes.

Step 2: Choose the right vape device for you

There are lots of different vape devices to choose from, but don’t be intimidated. We’ll talk you through the options and help you find the best device for your needs.

Most people start with disposable vapes, sometimes known as puff bars. They work out of the box, can last several days (depending on use) and closely replicate the feeling of a cigarette, especially tobacco flavour disposables. They’re user friendly, don’t need refilling and are pocket-sized and lightweight.

Vapril 2022 Choose the right vape device to start vaping when quitting smoking

Disposables are also cheap to buy, with many devices costing less than £5 and available in bundle deals. They are perfect for social smokers who typically only smoke on nights out, as one device can last you the whole night. 

Disposable vapes like the FLERBAR typically have a high nicotine strength, often up to 20mg, which can help to reduce cravings quickly.

Average smokers who typically smoke up to 20 cigarettes a day might prefer vape pens. These devices have a longer battery life than disposables, are refillable and more customisable. They’re also great for heavy smokers as they have longer-lasting batteries and can be vaped more often between charges.

All you need to do is fill the tank with e-liquid and you’re good to go. You may also need to replace the coil, known as an atomiser, from time to time which is simple and easy to do. They can be recharged and different devices will provide different battery sizes.

Vape pens also replicate the feeling of smoking a cigarette. They can cost around the same as a packet of cigarettes, but a single device can last many months if not years when properly maintained.

Vape pods are similar to vape pens, but instead of using a tank attached to the device, they feature refillable pods (or cartridges). These can be switched out easily, allowing users to carry multiple pods with them, with different e-liquid flavours or nicotine strengths.

Vape pods are perfect for travelling and on-the-go vaping. They are rechargeable and also closely replicate the sensation of a cigarette. They’re ideal for average smokers and those who usually smoke when they are out and about.

The largest vape devices are known as vape mods. They have a long battery life with options for internal and external batteries and offer huge flexibility to change power output and airflow.

They are more complicated vape devices than the other options, so they’re not recommended for first-time vapers. Vape tanks can be bought separately, with options for different coil types. Vape mods also have a higher upfront cost, but will still save you a lot of money over time when compared to smoking cigarettes.

Step 3: Choose the right nicotine strength for you.

One of the most important things to consider when switching to vaping to quit cigarettes is the strength of e-liquid you will use.

We also recommend trying nic salts, which are just like e-liquids but contain a more organic form of nicotine that can be more easily absorbed by the body, getting more nicotine into your system with less e-liquid.

At first, closing the right liquid will come down to trial and error, as you learn which e-liquid strengths suit you best. If you don’t feel satisfied after vaping, try a higher strength e-liquid. If you’re getting headaches after vaping, you might want to reduce your nicotine strength.

If you’re a heavy smoker (more than 20 cigarettes a day), you’ll likely need an e-liquid with at least 18mg of nicotine to satisfy your cravings.

If you’re an average smoker (between 10-20 cigarettes a day), then you might prefer e-liquids or nic salts with around 12mg of nicotine. If you’re a light or social smoker, a 6mg or 3mg e-liquid might be ideal for you.

Step 4: Find e-liquid flavours that you love.

Make sure you consider which flavours of e-liquid you will prefer. Often, first-time vapers tend to prefer a tobacco or menthol flavour to more closely replicate the sensation of smoking a cigarette.

Read our guide to the best e-liquid flavours for more info and recommendations on the most popular e-liquid flavours.

Generally, the most popular e-liquid flavours are fruit flavours, followed closely by tobacco and menthol. From milkshakes to mango, there are hundreds if not thousands of different e-liquid flavours on the market, so you’re sure to find lots of flavours you love.

We recommend exploring different flavour options and finding out for yourself what your favourites are. Having a few different e-liquid flavours that you really enjoy vaping will help you stick to the change and keep you motivated during Vapril to stay away from cigarettes.

Step 5: Track Your Progress

Drag X Plus Lifestyle

When quitting smoking and switching to vaping, make sure you track your progress and share your progress with others. Your friends and family can help to motivate you along your journey, as well as provide a gentle social pressure to keep you dedicated to quitting.

It can help to track how many days and weeks have passed since you last smoked, so you can see the progress you’re making. This is a great way to keep your motivation up so you know what health benefits you can expect to see over time after quitting cigarettes.

You’ll also be amazed and really motivated to see how much money you’re saving once you quit. We have a handy guide to how much you can save by switching to vaping which you can find here.

We recommend working out how much you spend each week on tobacco and cigarettes, then comparing that to how much you’re spending on e-liquid. Read our guide to saving money when vaping for more tips on how to save even more money when vaping.

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