EVR Gold Tobacco 10ml E liquid White Background Studio Shot
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EVL 80ml King Tobacco White Background Studio Shot
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Vapor Art Vanilla Tobacco E-Liquid Virus 50ml Studio Shot White Background
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Kraken 50ml Studio Shot White Background
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Valkiria Kraken 50/50 40ml
Gold Tobacco 10ml EV Premium White Background
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Eco Vape EV Liquids Range Silver Blend 10ml 3mg 6mg 12mg 18mg white background studio shot
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tobacco flavours

Tobacco E-Liquids

Discover great-tasting tobacco flavour e-liquids at ultra-low prices with our Mix & Match deals. Our tobacco flavoured e-liquid range is one of our best sellers, with iconic blends including creamy RY4 Vanilla Tobacco and smooth EV Rolling Tobacco.


Quality Tobacco Nic Salts

We also offer a range of delicious tobacco nic salt with a smooth throat hit and are able to deliver more nicotine per draw. They contain organic nicotine, rather than standard freebase, which is more easily absorbed by the body. Combined with a smooth tobacco flavour, these are ideal for first-time vapers looking to replicate the feeling of a cigarette.

From our premium BEAR Koala Tobacco nic salts to our classic Dainty’s Tobacco Nic Salts, you’re sure to find the perfect tobacco flavour for you.


Tobacco Flavour Disposable Vapes

Get great prices on tobacco flavour disposable vapes too with the FLER BAR, one of the UK’s latest disposable e-cigs from Hyppe.

If you’re quitting cigarettes, a tobacco flavour disposable vape might be the ideal option for you. It will closely replicate the sensation of a cigarette and the smooth, creamy tobacco nic salt closely matches the familiar cigarette taste.