Cheap Ways To Vape: Upgrading from Disposable Vapes to Save Money

Cheap Ways To Vape: Hyppe Maxx Disposable Vape Green Being Vaped By A Man

Cheap Ways To Vape: Many start with disposable vapes, then save money by upgrading to vape kits and DIY vaping.

If you are trying to quit cigarettes and are looking for finding cheap ways to vape, you’ve come to the right place. There are many affordable ways to help you increase your chances of quitting smoking successfully, including the use of e-cigarettes (often known as vapes and e-cigs).

The Journey Most People Take When They Start Vaping

  • Get used to vaping with disposable vapes 
  • Move on to vape pods to save money and gradually reduce the nicotine strength. 
  • Upgrade to a vape kit and start using shortfills and nic shots to save more money. 
  • Some people will move to DIY vaping, with RDA/RTA mods and custom coil builds. 

Most people begin their vaping journey by starting with disposable vapes. They are no-nonsense devices that work out of the box. They often come in 10mg and 20mg nicotine strengths in a range of popular flavours. 

Devices like the Hyppe MAXX use hybrid nicotine salts which deliver nicotine more effectively than standard e-liquids. This makes disposable vapes ideal to help people find a replacement for cigarettes, especially in the first few weeks of quitting. 

In this guide, we’ll show you how to save as much money as possible when vaping and explain the journey most people take when starting their vaping journey. 

Hyppe Flerbar Apple Ice Disposable Vape Eco Vape UK Studio Shot White BackgroundHyppe Flerbar Apple Ice Eco Vape Studio Shot White Background
5 FOR £20
FLERBAR Disposable Vape – Apple Ice
FLER BAR Disposable Vape Apple Ice Flavour Profile: Juicy and...
Hyppe Flerbar Banana Ice Disposable Vape Eco Vape UK Studio Shot White BackgroundHyppe Flerbar Banana Ice Eco Vape Studio Shot White Background
5 FOR £20
FLERBAR Disposable Vape – Banana Ice
FLERBAR Disposable Vape Banana Ice Flavour Profile: Creamy banana flavour...
Hyppe Flerbar Tutti Fruity Disposable Vape Bloody Bull Eco Vape UK Studio Shot White BackgroundHyppe Flerbar Bloody Bull Eco Vape Studio Shot White Background
5 FOR £20
FLERBAR Disposable Vape – Bloody Bull
FLERBAR Disposable Vape Bloody Bull Flavour Profile: An explosive tutti-fruity...
Hyppe Flerbar Blue Razz Disposable Vape Eco Vape UK Studio Shot White BackgroundHyppe Flerbar Blue Razz Eco Vape Studio Shot White Background
5 FOR £20
FLERBAR Disposable Vape – Blue Razz
FLERBAR Disposable Vape Blue Razz Flavour Profile: A classic e-liquid...

Disposable E-Cigs Can Be A Cheap Way To Vape

If you want an easy and cheap way to vape, disposable vapes are a great way to get used to the change from cigarettes. They are designed to replicate the feeling and nicotine delivery of cigarettes, with a wide choice of popular flavours. 

You can get a disposable for as little as £3.99, with the popular BuzzBar available online and across the UK in hundreds of petrol stations and garages. It’s available in three mouth-watering flavours with both 10mg and 20mg nicotine strengths. It provides 300 puffs which can last you a few days depending on how frequently you vape. 

It’s even cheaper to vape with a larger disposable like the Hyppe MAXX. It holds 600 puffs and lasts longer than the Buzz Bar, with a wider range of flavours available. Fully TPD compliant, the MAXX features 20mg of hybrid nicotine salts which closely replicate the throat hit of a cigarette. 

hyppe maxx lush ice disposable vapehyppe maxx lush ice disposable vape
4 FOR £19.99
8 FOR £39
Hyppe Maxx Disposable Vapes – Lush Ice
Flavour Profile: Delicious watermelon with a cool ice finish. The Hyppe...
hyppe maxx blueberry-ice disposable vapehyppe maxx blueberry-ice disposable vape
4 FOR £19.99
8 FOR £39
Hyppe Maxx Disposable Vapes – Blueberry Ice
Flavour Profile: Rich and sweet blueberry with a cool ice finish....
hyppe maxx mango ice disposable vapeshyppe maxx mango ice disposable vapes
4 FOR £19.99
8 FOR £39
Hyppe Maxx Disposable Vapes – Mango Ice
Flavour Profile: Juicy mango with a cool ice finish. The Hyppe...
hyppe maxx peach ice disposable vapehyppe maxx peach ice disposable vape
4 FOR £19.99
8 FOR £39
Hyppe Maxx Disposable Vapes – Peach Ice
Flavour Profile: Fresh, juicy peaches with a cool ice finish. The Hyppe...

You can also purchase 4 Hyppe MAXX disposable vapes for just £19.99, to help you save more money after quitting smoking.

Although disposables have a low initial cost, starting from just £3.99, over the long term they are actually one of the most expensive ways of vaping. However, even disposable vapes are cheaper than smoking cigarettes, so you will still save a lot of money by using disposables in place of cigarettes.

Upgrading from disposables to a vape pod or vape kit can save you a lot of money over the long term and is a really cheap way to vape, which we will discuss next.

Save Money by Upgrading to a Vape Pod or Vape Kit

Vape pods and kits let you refill your device with e-liquid, so you don’t have to keep buying a new disposable every time it runs out. You buy a device that lasts months to years, then buy your e-liquids separately when you need them. It might be best to start with vape pods as they are easy to use for beginners than vape kits. 

Cheap Ways To Vape: Upgrade to a Vape Pod

If you’re looking for a small and affordable device, we’d recommend a vape pod. They are designed for convenience and are a similar size to disposables. Vape pods come with the vape device and interchangeable e-liquid pods. Simply fill up the pods with nic salt or e-liquid and fit the pod on the device and you’re ready to go.

You can fill several pods with different flavours and take them with you, allowing you to switch e-liquids quickly and drip-free.

We recommend the VooPoo Drag Nano 2 vape pod if you’re using pods for the first time. A stylish and small device, it fits easily into your pocket, has great battery life and packs plenty of power. It costs only £19.99 and you can get yours delivered the next day if you order before 1 pm Mon-Thu. 

You can also get a 3 pack of refill pods for your Drag Nano 2 for just £9.99. If you buy the Drag Nano 2 device and extra refill pods, you’ll qualify for free UK delivery as well!

EVR Gourmet Blueberry Ice E-Liquid 10ml with Fruit Menthol White Background Studio Shot
5 FOR £10
EVR 10ml Nic Salts E-Liquid 50/50 – Blueberry Ice
Flavour Profile - Cold blueberries finished with an icy touch.
EVR Gourmet Bubblegum Blast E-Liquid 10ml with Fruit Menthol White Background Studio Shot
5 FOR £10
EVR 10ml Nic Salts E-Liquid 50/50 – Bubblegum Blast
Flavour Profile - Chewy, juicy bubblegum that'll make your taste...
EVR Gourmet Watermelon Nic Salt Ice 10ml E liquid White Background Studio Shot
5 FOR £10
EVR 10ml Nic Salts E-Liquid 50/50 – Watermelon Ice
Flavour Profile - A ripe and juicy watermelon with cooling,...
Daintys Salt Nic Heisenberg, iceberg menthol flavour, 10ml bottle on white background
5 FOR £10
Dainty’s 10ml Nic Salts E-Liquid 50/50 – Iceberg
Flavour Profile: A classic 'Heisenberg' flavour, with a refreshing iceberg...

Get E-liquids and Nic Salts in Your Favourite Disposable Vape Flavours

If you’re used to the flavours of disposable vapes and want the same flavours for your new vape kit – you’re in luck. We’ve just released our new BEAR Salts Polar Range, which features 10 mouth-watering ice nicotine flavours inspired by the most popular disposable vape flavours.  

Packed with 20mg of nicotine (like most disposables) and made with nicotine salts for a smoother throat hit and better nicotine delivery than standard freebase nicotine. 

Vape Kits Offer More Than Vape Pods

vape kits category image, vaping

Vape kits are a little more complex than vape pods and disposables, but they are easy to get used to. In a vape kit, you’ll get a vape mod powered by a battery (internal or external), a tank to hold liquid and coils that heat the liquid into vapour.  

You buy e-liquid and nic salt separately and then refill your tank as needed. This way, you can bulk buy your vape liquids which saves a lot of money over time compared to buying disposables.

This also lets you start reducing the nicotine strength of your liquids, so over time, you can gradually reduce your nicotine consumption until you no longer need it.  

If you prefer to vape with higher levels of nicotine, we recommend nic salts which deliver more nicotine per dose, so you don’t need to vape as often. 

Vape kits can cost between £20 and £60 depending on the device. If you’re getting your first vape kit, we recommend the Vaporesso Target 100 Vape Kit. The design is fantastic and looks great, has an easily refillable tank and the coils are very simple to fit. You can get the Target 100 vape kit for just £34.99 and it comes with an extra coil too. 

Read our review of the Vaporesso Target 100 on our blog to see if it’s the right device for you.

Cheap Ways To Vape: Using Shortfill E-Liquids and Nic Shots

Most people start vaping with 10ml bottles, as they come in higher nicotine strengths and still taste great. There are lots of great e-liquid deals available for 10mls, including our 5 for £10 Mix & Match deals to help you get more for your money. 

However, you can save even more by using shortfill e-liquids with nic shots. Shortfill bottles are e-liquids that contain zero nicotine, which means they can be sold in larger sizes than 10ml, like our popular 100ml bottles. The bottles intentionally leave extra space to add a nic shot (10ml of pure nicotine) which you can buy for just £0.99 a bottle.  

We also offer a range of Mix & Match Deals on shortfill e-liquids, so you can get even more e-liquid for your money and save even more:

Get Nic Shots For Shortfill E-Liquids If You Vape With Nicotine

We don’t recommend adding more than 2 nic shots to most shortfills (there isn’t space for more), and most people vape shortfills and nic shots at 3mg of nicotine. Adding too much nicotine to shortfills will ruin the flavourso if you prefer to vape with high nicotine levels, it could be better to stick with nic salts and 10ml e-liquids.

Even More Savings: Upgrade to a DIY Vape Kit

Many people upgrade to a vape kit or mod and are happy to stick with that. They cover all bases, are cheap to maintain and refill and offer lots of options to personalise your vaping.  

However, there are ways to save even more money when vaping. DIY vaping became popular as it allows the user to make their own custom coil builds so you don’t have to spend money on premade coils. Although there is a higher initial cost to buy the hardware (mod, coil wire, cotton, e-liquids), over the long-term DIY vaping is one of the cheapest ways to vape.

What You Need For DIY Vaping

You will need an RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer) or an RTA (rebuildable tank atomizer) vape mod. These allow you to fit your coils into the ‘deck’, as well as fit your cotton. All you need is coil wire and vape cotton, which will cost you just £11.98 for both (the same as a pack of premade coils). 

The coil wire and cotton can last you many months, with huge savings over time. They can also be fun to build and many RDA and RTA mods have dual coil builds, which provide even more flavour and vapour production – ideal for vape tricks. You can also buy a pack of premade DIY coils with our Psycho Bunny Octopack for just £10.00 if you don’t like using coil wire. 

You can then get yourself some shortfill e-liquids and nic shots and enjoy the savings, flavour and clouds that only DIY vaping can offer.

What Happens When You Quit Smoking and Start Vaping?

Cigarettes are well known to be harmful to health. Every year, on average 78,000 deaths across the UK are attributed to smoking cigarettes. Many smokers also suffer from debilitating illnesses related to smoking, including lung cancers, heart diseases and more. 

When you stop smoking cigarettes, there are immediate benefits to your health. After just 20 minutes your heart rate will fall back to normal levels, and after 8 hours the levels of harmful carbon monoxide in your blood will have halved. 

After a few days, your body will filter out all of the carbon monoxide left in your blood. If you quit smoking for one year, your blood circulation will improve, breathing will become easier, lung function can increase by 10% and your risk of heart attack will have halved. 

Alongside the huge costs of smoking, there are plenty of reasons to quit cigarettes. 

A lot of people think nicotine is very harmful, but in fact, it's the thousands of other chemicals in tobacco smoke that cause almost all of the harm from smoking.

NHS Website

NHS Could Start Prescribing E-Cigs

The NHS could prescribe e-cigarettes to help smokers to quit, according to the Government and Sky News. The MHRA, the UK’s medical regulator, will “work with manufacturers to assess safety and effectiveness of products”. Vape manufacturers can approach the MHRA to submit their products to go through the same medical regulation as other medicines would. 

Read more about this on the Eco-Vape blog.