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Vaping FAQ: Find answers to popular questions about vaping

Vaping FAQ: Popular vape questions, answered.

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Welcome to the Vaping FAQ: a place for you to quickly find answers to all of your vaping questions.

Welcome to our Vaping FAQ. We’ve made this Vaping FAQ to make it as easy as possible for people to find answers to common questions about vaping. 

We update the questions regularly to make sure we cover as many questions as we can. In this FAQ, we’ll cover topics like vaping safety, regulations and compliance, vaping hardware and vaping in general.

If you’ve got a question about vaping that isn’t on our Vaping FAQ page, leave a comment at the bottom of this page an we will try and find an answer. 

Vaping FAQ Sections:

  • Vape Regulation & Compliance FAQs
  • Vaping Basics FAQs
  • Vaping Safety FAQs
  • Vape Hardware FAQs
  • Ask a Question

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Vape Regulation & Compliance FAQs

This section will cover questions about the laws governing the vaping industry, what kinds of regulations are in place for vape products and how to find out if your vape is compliant.

Vaping Basics FAQs

This section will cover questions about the basics of vaping, including what vaping is, how expensive it is to vape and what role nicotine has to play.

Safe Vaping FAQs

This section will cover questions about safe vaping, how vaping is 95% safer than smoking and common health myths wrongly associated with vaping in the media.

Vape Hardware FAQs

This section will cover questions about vaping hardware, including e-cigs, mods, pods and vape coils.


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