Eco-Vape becomes a full member of the UKVIA: the UK’s leading vape trade body!

Here at Eco Vape, we know that being a success in the UK e-cigarette industry isn’t easy. After years in the vape game, it’s evident that even in a saturated market, some will come and go, and some will be in it for the long haul.

Cementing our place as one of the top UK e-liquid manufacturers in the country has been a combination of hard work, perseverance, innovation…and great flavours! We’ve been around the block and witnessed the growth of e-cigarettes nationwide since they caught mainstream attention all those years ago.

We were there for the initiation of the Tobacco Products Directive. We’ve ridden the wave of Big Tobacco’s attempts to undermine the messaging of e-cigarette efficacy, in our efforts to turn the UK smoke-free. We’ve seen the market move, we’ve seen prices stabilise, we’ve seen new trends come and go.

With all that said and as much as we love trailblazing, sometimes it’s nice to be on the front foot in the market and enjoy a little helping hand whilst we’re focused on what we do best…. making great tasting e-liquids and stocking the best vape devices!


proud member of the UK vaping industry association

The UK Vaping Industry Association is a leading light for the British vape market.

So in this regard, we couldn’t think of a more helpful outlet in the UK vape industry than the UK Vaping Industry Association!

We’re super excited to have become a full member of the UK’s leading vape trade body. The UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) is in our opinion the leading light in shaping future vape regulation and their support of the Vaping All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) demonstrates this.


Robert (Sid) Sidebottom, Managing Director at ECO Vape Ltd. said:

“Eco Vape has taken the step to join as full members so that they may contribute further to the great work of the UKVIA. The ethos and practice of the UKVIA and Eco Vape are aligned, this will enable us to continue to support the provision of compliant vape products as a proven 95% safer alternative to the millions of smokers in the UK.”

Knowing that we’ve got even more power, knowledge, and insight to add to the years of experience we already have in-house at Eco Vape is a great feeling. We’re looking forward to working together with the UKVIA in the future!