IQOS 3 Duo Kit


IQOS 3 Duo Kit (Heat Not Burn)

The IQOS Duo 3 is a heat-not-burn device that uses real tobacco compressed into HEET sticks that are heated/cooked rather than burned. Designed as a first step to help very heavy smokers quit for good by closely replicating the taste and sensation of a normal cigarette.

IQOS 3 Duo Kit – Stella Blue

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IQOS 3 Duo Kit – Velvet Grey

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Stella Blue, Brilliant Gold, Velvet Grey, Warm White

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IQOS 3 Duo Kit with Heat Not Burn Technology

The IQOS Duo 3 is a heat-not-burn device designed to closely replicate the sensation of smoking cigarettes. The IQOS uses real compressed tobacco with innovative heat not burn technology.

It uses dense sticks of compressed tobacco, known as HEETS, which are gradually heated rather than burned inside the device. Using real tobacco provides an authentic tobacco taste and a cigarette-like satisfaction.

The device comes with a pocket charger to keep the IQOS holder charged when you’re on the go, which is roughly the same size as a disposable vape.

Simply insert a HEET stick into the IQOS holder and you’re good to go!

Heat not burn devices are designed for very heavy smokers who need a device that closely replicates the sensation and taste of cigarettes to help them quit.

Need replacement HEETS? Buy them here for just £5!


IQOS 3 Duo Features:

  • Heat not burn technology
  • Contains real tobacco
  • Designed for very heavy smokers
  • On-the-go pocket charging
  • Closely replicates feeling and sensation of a cigarette


Flavours for IQOS 3 Duo

Tobacco Flavours

  • Yellow – A mild, light and mellow tobacco.
  • Amber – A balanced and roasted tobacco.
  • Teak – A rounded and nutty tobacco.
  • Sienna – A smooth and woody tobacco.
  • Russet – A rich and full-bodied tobacco.

Tobacco Menthol Flavours

  • Turquoise – A refreshing and mellow tobacco menthol.
  • Green – A balanced spearmint tobacco.
  • Sienna Caps – A classic, mid-strength menthol.
  • Blue – An intense peppermint tobacco.

Aromatic Tobacco Fruit Flavours

  • Mauve – A mixed berries and menthol tobacco.

What is heat not burn?

Heat not burn is a term that describes gradually heating sticks of compressed tobacco, rather than burning it. It’s much closer to ‘cooking’ the tobacco rather than combusting it.

Burning tobacco produces a huge amount of carcinogenic and dangerous chemicals, including carbon monoxide, tar, benzene, arsenic and formaldehyde.

Heating tobacco produces less of these dangerous chemicals, however, it does not completely remove them.

This means that heat not burn devices do contain higher levels of these chemicals than standard tobacco-free vapes and e-cigarettes.


What are HEET Sticks (HEETS)?

HEET sticks, or HEETS, are highly compressed sticks of dried tobacco that are designed to be heated (or cooked) by a device, rather than combustion.

Each individual HEET stick offers a similar duration as a standard cigarette. It is inserted into the IQOS holder and provides the same amount of nicotine as a cigarette, with less of the harmful chemicals associated with combusting tobacco.


Why buy a heat not-burn-device?

Heat not burn devices are primarily designed for very heavy smokers. They provide the familiar cigarette taste and sensation to help the heaviest smokers make their first steps towards quitting.

Though they contain less harmful chemicals than combustible cigarettes, they do not completely remove them – unlike normal e-cigarettes and vapes.


What’s in the Box?

  • Pocket Charger for IQOS 3 DUO
  • Holder for IQOS 3 DUO
  • Cleaner
  • Cleaning Tools
  • USB Cable
  • Power Adaptor

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Flavour Group

Product Type


Stella Blue, Brilliant Gold, Velvet Grey, Warm White