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650 mAh

How To Vape With Zero Nicotine: Why no nicotine disposable vapes can help you finish your vaping journey.

Buy zero nicotine disposable vapes

Shop zero nicotine disposable vapes, aka 0% nicotine vapes and no nicotine vapes, at low prices and available in a range of devices and mouth-watering flavours.

Available with next day delivery when you order before 1:00pm, 0 nicotine vapes are ideal for those at the end of their vaping journey who are looking to completely reduce their nicotine consumption to 0 but still require the tactile sensation of smoking or vaping.

As no nicotine vapes contain zero nicotine, they are not subject to the maximum 2ml tank requirement which means you can enjoy 3500 puffs from a single device.

What is a no nicotine vape?

No nicotine vapes are similar to standard disposable vapes but they do not contain any nicotine. Most vape usually contain either ‘freebase’ nicotine or ‘salt nicotine’ which is designed to provide a safer nicotine alternative to combusting tobacco cigarettes, without producing carcinogenic particulates, burning the throat or producing carbon monoxide. Nicotine-free vapes have the same benefits, but instead contain 0% nicotine.

There are a range of different zero nicotine vapes available:

  • Zero Nicotine Disposable Vapes: These are single use devices that are designed to be safely disposable of when they are finished. As 0 nicotine disposable vapes they contain 0% nicotine, they are not subject to e-liquid capacity limits of 2.0ml like standard vapes with nicotine, which means you can enjoy a larger puff count – often up to 3500 puffs like the Flerbar Baymax.
  • Zero Nicotine Vapes (Refillable): Another way to vape without nicotine is using 0 nicotine e-liquids with a refillable vape device, such as the BEAR Pro MAX or BEAR + Aspire R1 empty device. These deives are refillable and rechargeable and can work well with any e-liquid that has a 50/50 blend of VG/PG (industry standard).
BEAR+aspire R1
BEAR + Aspire R1 vapes are refillable and rechargeable, able to reach over 3500 puffs with any 50/50 e-liquid including zero nicotine e-liquids.
Benefits of 0 nicotine disposable vapes:

The aim of vaping is to provide a safer delivery of nicotine compared to smoking tobacco cigarettes. But that’s not the end of the story. Ironically, the nature of the vape industry is to make itself redundant by helping consumers to quit their addiction to smoking and eventually nicotine altogether. The aim is to provide safer alternatives to tobacco that allow the user to slowly reduce the nicotine strength needed to satisfy their cravings over time, eventually reaching zero nicotine.

Although the user may no longer require nicotine at this point, being addicted to cigarettes is more than just a chemical addition. Often, former smokers miss the ‘experience’ of smoking a cigarette, including the tactile sensation of smoking or vaping as well as the ‘ritualistic’ experience (for example, some smokers enjoy a cigarette and coffee together in the morning).

Zero nicotine vapes are the final step in this process and this is why no nicotine vapes can be so useful. They can bridge that final gap and provide the tactile sensation of smoking with zero nicotine being delivered, allowing the user to drop the habit one step at a time until they are ready to finally leave vaping and smoking behind altogether.