UWELL Caliburn G2 Review: Is It Britain's Best Vape Pod?

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Review of the Caliburn G2 Vape Pod: Comparing Performance, Quality, Design & Price

In this Caliburn G2 review, we’ll look at how this top performing vape pod stands up against its rivals based on performance, quality, design and price. We’ll start with the basic features and finish with a short summary and overall rating for the device.


For our Caliburn G2 Review, we give this innovative vape pod 8.5/10 overall, based on price, quality, performance and design. Read below for details.

Caliburn G2 Vape Pod Features

Colour: Pyrrole Scarlet, Gradient, Shading Gray, Carbon Black

Battery Capacity: 750 mAh

Battery Type: Internal

Charging Type: USB Type-C (Fast-Charging)

Coil Resistance: 0.8 Ω, 1.2 Ω

Coil Type: Mesh Coil, Premade Coils, Sub Ohm

Display Type: LED Lights

Power Output: 18W

Product Type: Pods

Tank Capacity: 2.0ml

Safety Features: Over Current, Over Discharge, Short Circuit

Manufacturer: UWELL

Price: 5/10

Device Cost

The Caliburn G2 is one of the more expensive vape pods on the market, typically costing upwards of £20. It comes with a spare coil and a pod cartridge, so you will get a few extras for your money.

However, compared to similar vape pods like the IORE Lite which costs under £10, the Caliburn is one of the pricier pods on the market.

The Caliburn G2 has a low maintenance cost. It comes with one spare coil out of the box and you can pick up a 4 pack of Caliburn G2 vape coils for just £9.99, with each coil typically lasting around a week. You can also buy a 2 pack of extra pods for just £7.99.

UWELL Caliburn G2 review Vape Pod Kit from Eco-Vape UK
Caliburn G2 Review: How does it perform?

Performance: 9/10

Battery Life & Battery Type

The internal battery in the Caliburn G2 has a surprisingly good battery life, with a full charge lasting up to one day depending on usage. If you use the device as an MTL (mouth-to-lung) with shorter draws, it will last much longer than when used as a DTL (direct-to-lung) with longer draws.

The device is charged by a USB Type-C cable and will charge from empty to full in around 45 minutes thanks to its fast charging capabilities.

Coils / Resistance

The Caliburn G2 vape pod fits both sub ohm coils and higher resistance coils. This means you can switch between MTL and sub ohm DTL vaping, making it an incredibly versatile vape pod that makes it stand out from the competition.

The coils provide great flavour for a device of this size and both work particularly well with nic salts. You can choose between a sub ohm 0.8 Ω coil and a higher resistance 1.2 Ω coil for the Caliburn G2.

Pod Capacity and Pod Type

Caliburn pods hold 2ml of e-liquid, are refillable and also allow for the coil to be changed. This is unlike several other vape pods, such as the IORE Lite, which require you to replace the entire pod when the coil has reached the end of its life.

Uwell Caliburn Pod Kit Device Shading Gray White Background Studio Shot
Caliburn G2 Review: What's the build quality like?

Quality: 10/10

Does it leak?

After weeks of testing to write this Caliburn G2 review, we found it is well sealed and it is rare that the device will have any leaks. The only leaking we experienced was a very small amount of e-liquid around the base of the pod cartridge after several hours of use (possibly from the air flow hole), but nothing out of the ordinary.

Material & Build Quality

The Caliburn G2 is made from an aluminium alloy, making it lightweight yet strong and durable. The pods are made from lightweight plastic and are easy to transport. It’s comfortable to hold and is strong enough to be dropped without breaking.

Uwell Caliburn Pods Replacement 2ml on White Background Studio Shot
Caliburn G2 Review: What is the design like?

Design: 9/10

Display type

There is no display screen, which helps the device remain lightweight. Instead relying on LED lights and a unique vibration feature to alert the user about low battery, short circuits, no power and other features.


The Caliburn G2 is slim, lightweight and slips easily into your pocket. It’s similarly sized to most other vape pods on the market. The Caliburn comes in a range of stylish, modern colours including Pyrrole Scarlet, Gradient, Shading Gray, Carbon Black.

It also features a transparent window to see how much e-liquid is left in the cartridge, meaning you don’t need to remove the pod to see how much liquid is in the cartridge.

Because its simple, stylish and lightweight, we’re giving it 9/10 for design on our Caliburn G2 review.

The Caliburn G2 Review: Is it worth the price tag?

Uwell Caliburn Pod Kit Device Pyrrole Scarlet White Background Studio Shot
Caliburn G2 Review: Is the price tag worth the performance?

The Caliburn G2 is a top performer when it comes to performance, design and quality.

Its innovative airflow wheel makes the Caliburn stand out from its competitors, as well as looking good, being small and lightweight and providing great flavour.

The only issue the device has is the higher price. It costs more than double that some of its rivals like the IORE Lite cost, coming in at over £20.

However, the cost is well worth it as it’s packed with features like airflow control and the ability to switch between MTL and DTL vaping.

Overall, we rate the Caliburn G2 vape pod 8.5/10, with its much higher price being its biggest drawback.

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