Molicel P42A 21700 Battery


Molicel batteries are officially authorised for vaping/e-cigarette use.

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Molicel P42A 21700 Rechargeable Battery

The Molicel P42A 21700 Rechargeable Battery is a new addition to the Eco Vape Hardware selection, providing more power than the common 18650 external batteries. If you find your vape device eats through an 18650 battery quickly, then Molicel 21700 might be the answer for you. They are larger cells offering much more power, so check your device is compatible with 21700 batteries. Molicel is one of the most popular battery manufacturers in vaping and are renown for the safety and quality of their batteries and they will come with a plastic housing case for safe transportation.

Most sub ohm vape mods work best with high wattage output, often around 60-80W of power for a typical sub ohm coil. This provides the best flavour, especially for mesh coils, but is very power hungry. Mods with external batteries can often empty 18650 batteries in just a few hours of moderate to heavy usage. 21700 are a perfect solution to this, offering more power for longer – even at higher wattages. They are compatible with most external battery chargers that fit 18650 cells, but check the device instructions to make sure your external charger can fit 21700 safely.

This cell outperforms even the all-time great VTC5A @ 25A and is authorized for use in vape devices, among other various applications. Consult the manufactuer guidelines for your device to check if your mod is compatible with 21700 lithium-ion batteries.


Technical Specifications

  • Size: 21700
  • Positive Terminal: Flat Top
  • Capacity: 4200mAh
  • Nominal Voltage: 3.6V
  • Maximum Voltage: 4.2V
  • Maximum Discharge Rate: 30A
  • Manufacturer: Moli Energy Corp.
  • Model: P42A

Lithium-ion batteries can be dangerous if handled incorrectly. If you notice any damage to the battery protection sleeve or the battery itself, stop using it immediately. Information on battery safety is available from the UK Govt Website.