Blackcell X2 Dual Bay 18650 + More Charger


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  1. This charger is only compatible with most cylindrical Li-ion (3.7V output), Ni-MH/ Ni-Cd (1.2V) and LiFePO4 (3.2V) batteries.
  2. Please read the instruction manual carefully before use. Do not charge batteries with a current, higher than the recommended (500mA/1000mA/2000mA).
  3. Use a 12V/2A adapter to charge batteries.
  4. Take care when using the charger. Heat dissipation may cause burns.
  5. After charging is complete, remove the power cable from the device.
  6. Do not charge in extreme conditions (too high or too low temperature.)


“Slots”, LCD and their function

  1. Slots: Each of the slots can charge and monitor a battery independently. When connected to a power source, hold the “slot” button for 3 seconds in order to select either 500mA, 1000mA,2000mA charging current options. When batteries are inserted, press the “slot” button in order to select the Li-FePO4 battery type. Charging will begin within 5 seconds after the battery type (3.20V or 3.7V) is confirmed.
  2. LCD: When connected to a 12V power source, all LEDs will light up. If no batteries are installed, a “Null” symbol will be displayed followed by a 0% sign on the dashboard. The charger is capable of selecting the battery type automatically, once a Li-on battery is inserted however, Ni-Mh or Ni-Cd batteries will not be detected.
    Press the slot button once, in order to check the charging status and charging time of the batteries installed. Once charging is complete, the “END” symbol will be shown.
    The “USB” text will be shown on the display when the charger is used as a power bank. The USB and 12DC charging functions cannot be used at the same time.


Instruction and function of X2 charger

  1. Two independent, micro-controlled charging slots allow for simultaneous charging.
  2. Selectable charging current (500mA/1000mA/2000mA)
  3. Backlit digital display showing battery type, battery voltage, charge current, charging time and battery capacity.
  4. The battery power status detected and the appropriate voltage is selected automatically.
  5. Automatically detected Li-ion Ni-MH Ni-Cd batteries. LiFePO4 batteries must be manually selected.
  6. 0V voltage activation function is enabled. Batteries between 1.65-1.85V cannot be charged (but there will be activated)
  7. Integrated overcharging, overheating, overvoltage, overcurrent, battery detection, and discharge protections.
  8. Charging mode: constant current and constant voltage
  9. DC input, working power supply 12V-2A
  10. With standard 5V/1000mA, USB automatic identification output function.



Input voltage 12V/2A
Output voltage 1.42v±0.05V, 4.2v±0.05V, 3.65v±0.05V
Output current 500mA*2/1000mA*2/2000mA*2
Charging mode Constant current and voltage
Constant voltage cutoff current <100mA
External power supply standby current <15.0mA
Dimension 144mm*76mm*37mm (Length/width/height)
Weight 151g (Only charger)
Compatible with IMR/Li-ion/LiFePO4: 26650 22650 18650 18400 18350 17670 17500 18340 14500 10440 21700 20700 Ni-MH/Ni-Cd: AA, AAA, AAAA, C


USB output

  1. USB output load voltage: 4.90-5.30V
  2. Output current: 1000mA
  3. Floating current: <1mA
  4. When load current is 1000mA, USB output voltage is 4.75-5.25V
  5. Cutoff output protected voltage: 3.0±0.1V



  1. The X2 charger should only be used to charge Li-ion IMR, LiFePO4, and Ni-MH/Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries. Please do not use the X2 to charge any other battery types, as this could result in a battery explosion or failure, cause property damage, and/or injury to the user.
  2. The X2 charger should only be used indoors or inside a vehicle. Under no circumstances should the charger be exposed to water, high humidity, and low or high ambient temperatures.
  3. Do not disassemble or modify the charger.
  4. Please use appropriate voltage AC 100-240V.
  5. Children under 18 should be supervised by adults when using this charger.
  6. The safe operating temperatures are between 0°C-35°C 32°F-95°F.
  7. Avoid dropping the charger and do not rest heavy items on the unit.
  8. If any problems with batteries or charger, please unplug the power cord immediately.