Share your 'stop smoking' success story.

Have you stopped smoking? Did vaping help you to quit? Congratulations! Tell us about your success story and we'll share your achievement on our social platforms!

Is it time to cut cigarettes out of your life? There were still 6.1 million smokers in the UK in 2019, with 78,000 deaths (that’s 16% of all deaths annually) attributable to smoking. There has been a massive reduction in young people smoking, down from 25.7% to just 17.8% of people aged between 18-24 who say the regularly smoke. But we can still do more.

Vaping has offered a way out of the endless cycle of cigarettes for thousands of people and is one of the most effective ways, when combined with professional support, of quitting smoking for good. According to Public Health England, there are now 1.2 million vapers who have now quit smoking, showing the potential of e-cigarettes as an effective way to stop smoking for good. If you’re new to vaping and are not sure where to start, read our Beginner’s Guide to Vaping on our blog.

We think it’s important that people share their stop smoking stories, so more people can be encouraged to quit. Telling other about what they can expect, what was hardest about stopping and what was easier than expected can help people set realistic goals. It helps smokers understand what they should expect when they quit, the benefits of living smoke free and even how quitting can affect their personal and social lives positively. 


Share your stop smoking story with us and help someone else start their smoke free journey today.

Adult man chooses between cigarettes and vape device.
Vaping is a much safer source of nicotine than cigarettes, which contain toxic substances like carbon monoxide.