BEAR Aspire R1 3500 puff disposable strawberry & kiwi flavour

Kiwi E-Liquids

Experience the exotic delight of our Kiwi e-liquid, a refreshing blend that captures the sweet and tart characteristics of this unique fruit.

Kiwi Flavoured E-Liquids

Welcome to the vibrant world of our Kiwi flavoured e-liquid. This blend captures the authentic taste of the kiwi fruit, bringing together its unique sweet and tart characteristics. It’s a Kiwi vape that delivers a refreshing and exotic vaping experience.

Our Kiwi e-liquid is a fantastic choice for vapers who appreciate the unique flavour profile of this exotic fruit. Each puff provides a taste of fresh kiwis, making your vape a tropical delight. Whether you’re a fruit lover or simply appreciate well-balanced flavours, this e-liquid is a must-try.

E-Liquids with Kiwi Flavours

Whether you’re a seasoned vaper or a beginner, our Kiwi e-liquid offers a tangy, sweet, and refreshing flavour profile. Its fruit-inspired notes make it a fascinating addition to any vaper’s collection, particularly those who love the unique and exotic flavours of tropical fruits.

For individuals transitioning from traditional tobacco products, our Kiwi e-liquid offers a distinctive, fresh alternative. It’s a notable shift from the familiar taste of tobacco, offering a refreshing exploration into the varied flavours in the vaping world.

Find the UK’s Best Kiwi E-Liquids

Crafted with top-quality ingredients, our Kiwi e-liquid ensures a smooth, consistent vape every time. It’s a testament to our dedication to quality and our passion for creating unique vaping experiences. So why not explore the world of e-liquid with the tangy, sweet taste of Kiwi? It might just become your new favourite tropical vape.

Remember to vape responsibly and savour the refreshing taste of Kiwi. Happy vaping!