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Vaptio Solo Flat and Psycho Bunny Kush Cake

Vaptio Solo Flat and Psycho Bunny Kush Cake

With the three options of black & silver, black & gold or just plain black, customers are spoiled for choice with one of Vaptio’s newest vapes- the VAPTIO SOLO-FLAT. If you think your vape is good, if you think you’ve experienced it all, if you think there can’t possibly be any more exciting new innovations with vaping, just watch your entire worldview change in one puff with the unique duckbill mouthpiece. Not only will you see an improvement in the e-juice itself, the distinctive and smooth drip tip will introduce your lips to a whole new quality of vaping.

From the stylish, sleek and slim exterior, you may start to believe that all the focus is just on the aesthetics of this device. Well, mark my words when I say that the function has been given a lot of attention. To scratch the iceberg, there is a smart airflow control chip to swiftly maximise your experience on the inhale; complementing this is the easily filled e-juice container at the top of the vape. As long as you don’t get it in the air pipe and keep the container 10%-90% full, this silicone capped feature will run smoothly for ages. For the technological cherry on top, this vape has a fancy fountain-type indicator light which is both handy and makes you look like a James Bond spy ;).

I think we are all familiar with some of the desperation that comes with vaping- one of everyone’s biggest nightmares is having to wait for your vape to charge with a strong craving (such as for Psycho Bunny’s new Kush Cake flavour…). Well, wait no more. One of SOLO-FLAT’s best features is its super-speedy charge time of under two hours. At 650mAh, Vaptio is well aware of how truly important a short charging time is. Furthermore, these very powerful inbuilt batteries have a maximum output of 15w, which is perfect for any vaper.

So, one of the real questions here is ‘which e-juices go well with this vaporizer?’. In the opinion of myself and many other vapers, any of the popular Eco Vape premium range 50/50 blend mix e-juices are great - with a wide selection of flavours to suit all tastes you are bound to find lots of flavours that you’ll love.

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