Top 10 best Summer e-liquids to keep you cool.


It is finally summer! And with yesterday being the hottest day of the year, everyone is officially too hot! Here at EcoVape, we thought we would do everyone a favour and put together a list of the top 10 flavours to cool you down.


Dainty’s – Menthol

R Dainty's Premium 10ml Menthol flavoured vaping e liquid

We will start off with the classic Menthol flavour, simply described as a power-packed menthol flavour, you can’t go wrong with this one!

Dainty’s – Special Menthol

Dainty's Special Menthol 10 ml flavoured e liquid

This is a similar flavour however Special Menthol is described as a special mix of menthol and mints to refresh the palate.

Dainty’s Cherry Menthol

Dainty's Cherry Menthol 10 ml flavoured e liquid

Another Menthol flavour to add to the collection! A sweet cherry flavour with a cool menthol on the side!

Dainty’s – Blueberry Blackcurrant Menthol

Daintys 50 ml blueberry blackcurrant menthol flavour e liquid

The Menthol flavours keep coming! This one is a sweet and fruity blueberry and blackcurrant flavour mixed with a menthol kick.

Dripping Drinks – Blue Slush

Dripping Drinks 50ml Blue Slush flavoured zero nicotine e liquid

Everyone loves a slush on a hot day, and that’s exactly what you get with this flavour! A cool blueberry slush!

Dripping Ice – Heizen Blue

Dripping Ice Heizen Blue flavoured 50ml zero nicotine vape e liquid

A mastery of blended fruits, menthol and aniseed to create the perfect cooling sensation!

Dainty’s Cherry Lemonade

Daintys 50ml cherry lemonade flavour e liquid

A nice cold glass of Lemonade is the perfect companion on a nice sunny day! A sweet and fruity cherry mixed with mouth-watering lemonade flavour.

Dainty’s Lemon Cola

Daintys 50ml lemon cola flavour e liquid

if Lemonade doesn’t satisfy you, no doubt classic cola does! Classic cola with a twist of lemon.

Dripping Range – Blueberg

Dripping Range Blueberg flavoured 50ml Zero Nicotine Vaping E Liquid

Dripping Ranges Blueberg brings a blue raspberry fruity inhale with a cool icy exhale to provide you with a good choice for your perfect summer liquid flavour

Dainty’s Ice Mint

R Dainty's Premium 10ml Ice Mint flavoured Vaping e liquid

Last but by no means least, Daint’s Ice Mint. A cool blend of mint and menthol, our number one choice out of the best summer e-liquids.

All of the flavours on this list are available in a range of sizes from 10ml/50ml/80ml right here on!