New 50ml E-Liquids Now Available!

The EcoVape line-up just got even bigger!
New 50ml short fill liquids are available on the online store right now, there is a grand total of 26 new flavours from 4 new brands to choose from.

VaporArt New Products

EcoVape is now an official UK distributor for VaporArt and we are selling lots of their flavours, there’s a flavour for everyone!
Vaporart is an Italian manufacturer of flavoured e-liquids. The process of new flavours, production and packaging are carried out entirely in Italy. The company has its own production site in Cremosano, where all processes are certified “ISO9001”, in compliance with the most stringent quality controls. VaporArt is well-known in the vaping industry and we are proud to offer their products to our customers.

Valkiria is a VaporArt brand and one of the top e-liquids brand in Italy. Born in 2015 as a concentrated flavours line. Valkiria has made an image for itself with its bold and eye-catching packaging and interesting flavours ranging from Shinobi Ice to The Flying Dutchman, we have a choice of Valkiria liquids in stock, all of which are new and original!

Super Flavor:
SuperFlavor are a nicotine-free only E-Liquid company, also part of the VaporArt brand. In May 2017 SuperFlavor were rewarded as Brand revelation “for the courage and enthusiasm shown in the choice to face the market in first person, enriching it with originality, taste and quality”. We will be stocking lots of their flavours on our online store including Angel & Devil, RichMan and Pride, we are confident there’s a flavour that you’ll love in this range!

Seven Wonders:
Seven Wonders are a VaporArt brand that offers a line of premium e-liquids, with or without nicotine, produced with first-grade materials and the best nicotine of pharmaceutical grade. EcoVape is selling a range of their flavours including Fuckstard, Serious Mango, Pool Party and more.

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These new flavours are all available online right now but they are also available for wholesale in the UK, if you are interested get in contact with us to discuss further!
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