Where to start?

Looking to quit smoking but don’t have the foggiest where to start when it comes to vaping? 

Look no further than the Buzz Bar! These devices are as low maintenance as it gets when it comes to the wonderful smoke-free world of vaping. 

Selling Points: They’re disposable devices, which means that they come pre-filled with E-liquid and automatically turn on when you start inhaling, so with no messy refilling, no batteries to charge, and additional parts to maintain, you can simply open the box and start vaping straight away! Once you’re done (They usually last about 300 puffs) …you can just toss it away!

Coming in 3 mouthwatering cool flavours (Mango Ice, Spearmint, and Watermelon Ice) and in 2 high nicotine strengths (10mg and 20mg) and at just. £3.99 the Buzz bar is a low cost, minimal risk first buy to introduce you to ecigarettes!

  • evod d3000 pre-filled vape pod kit in mr blue flavour

    EVOD Bar D600 3000 Puff Vape Kit

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  • lost Mary blue razz cherry

    Lost Mary Disposable Vape BM600
    4 FOR £19.99

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  • EVOD Bar D600 Disposable Vape Pod Kit

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