Dainty’s ‘ICE’ Range Flavour Launch Eco-Vape Brands set to launch 6 New Dainty’s flavours! Eco-Vape Headquarters, Derbyshire, UK: Eco-Vape Ltd. today announced the imminent launch of the Dainty’s Ice e-liquid range. The brand new ‘Shortfill’ e-liquid range is the latest addition to massively popular Dainty’s range, tying together 6 unique summer blend flavours fresh out of the lab and ready for your atomizers! “We wanted to home in on what vapers are looking for in an ice range and add a few more popular ‘koolada’ options to our otherwise well-rounded Dainty’s traditional range.” says Kean Fewkes, Mixologist at Eco-Vape. “The pandemic has had an effect on our launch date, meaning we are introducing these flavours in August, as opposed to our proposed June launch, but the 6 flavours we decided to run with will, I’m sure, be something the ‘koolada’ crowd can enjoy year round.” daintys ice mock 003 ABOUT THE PRODUCT Dainty’s ‘ICE’ range will consist of the following 6 flavours. APPLEBERRY – Frozen strawberries and apples are just meant to be together. BLACKCURRANT BLITZ – Ice cold blueberries with a bold blackcurrant center BLACK LEM – A refreshing blend of sweet blackcurrant and lemon ice FRUIT FODDER – An explosive blend of mixed fruit and berries with an icy core DARK PRISM – A fusion of mixed berries and ice, for a darkly delicious vape SOUR ATTACK – Mouth-watering sour raspberry with an icy twist Each flavour will be available as a 0mg 50ml Shortfill E-Liquid, geared for sub-ohm vapers (those vaping on devices capable of vaping over 40w) and will all consist of a 70/30 PG/VG blend. This range also comes complete with a tamper-proof full sleeve wrap following the recent acquisition of our new shrink sleeve machine for our Derbyshire based manufacturing facilities. The investment in our sleeving machine aims to inspire consumer confidence and help separate Eco-Vape products from competition in the marketplace. Eco-Vape is a proud member of the UKVIA. AVAILABILITY Retail This 6 flavour range will be available starting August 24th, aimed at being aggressively competitive on price in the e-liquid market with a suggested RRP of £5.99 per unit for these 0mg 50ml Shortfills, fully stocked on our retail website and in each of our 20 Eco-Vape high street store locations. Wholesalers and Distributors Dainty’s ‘ICE’ flavours will also be available to Pre-Order from 10/08/20 at wholesale prices for Eco-Vape wholesale account holders at www.wholesale.eco-vape.co.uk Looking to setup an account? Contact our sales team at sales@eco-vape.co.uk ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— About Eco-Vape: Founded in 2014, Eco Vape is a retail and wholesale manufacturer of vape e-liquids based in Derbyshire. The company produces high quality e-liquids into the thriving vape industry and prides itself on providing premium British made products at a price that everyone can afford. Eco Vape is principally a wholesale supplier of vape liquids and distributes millions of its own branded, award winning products (Dainty’s, Psycho Bunny, Milkshakes and Dripping Range) across Europe and the rest of the world. Situated in a 65,000 sq. ft. warehouse and manufacturing facility and with a portfolio of over 140 tested and registered flavours within Europe, Eco Vape is in the unique position of providing a white label / OEM service that meets the needs of small to large vape companies. The production facility is scaled to produce over 1 million bottles per week and does so regularly.