The Aspire Sunbox Mixx Mod

The Aspire Sunbox Mixx is an outstanding collaboration between Aspire & the Italian engineering studio Sunbox.

The Aspire Sunbox Mixx is the result of high-end precision engineering. The Mod is full metal with CNC process detail throughout. Precision manufacturing and refined material choices lift the Mixx into a category above the average vaping device. With a CNC manufactured mainframe, which is cut with precision from raw materials over a period of 30 minutes for each unit, this is a classy and premium finish. Artistically beautiful and loaded with high-class details, the Aspire Mixx is bold and strong yet very elegant.

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Who is Aspire?

Aspire is a Chinese vape brand that was established in 2013, and has always been dedicated to providing customers with high-quality products as well as attentive service.
Aspire has always been a pioneer for innovation of vaping products across a full range, Aspire’s Nautilus series along with the BVC coils, changed the way of vaping and allowing adjustable airflow for the first time, right up to today the Nautilus tank and Nautilus mini tank continues to be very popular among vapers worldwide. These great products and services have made Aspire globally famous, but at Aspire we are never satisfied with merely great. The Atlantis series in 2014 brought the vaping industry into a new era, where vapers can experience sub-ohm vaping for the first time a trend that continues up to the present day. While the Cleito tanks have made vaping so much easier with their simplicity of design and high performance.


About the Aspire Sunbox Mixx

The body of the Mixx mod is as solid as they come. From first impressions to the way it feels in your hand, the Mixx is levels above the average mod. The main body of it is CNC Machined out of a solid block of aluminium, a process that apparently takes 30 minutes per mod. As well as there CNC’ed block of aluminium that makes up most of the mod, you also have a steel base plate, and a steel battery tube that rises up and has another piece of aluminium screwed on at the top. The Aspire Mixx mod comes in 3 different colour options: Jet Black, Quick Silver, and Tuxedo. We stock all three in-store and on the EcoVape online store.Aspire Mixx Mod Colourways











The Mod has a screen on the base where you can control all of the different functions, It is a bright 0.91 inch OLED display that shows all the information you need, the resistance of the coil, volts, amps being drawn, and battery life. The mod has a total of 3 buttons, the fire button, and the plus and minus buttons. You only have 3 different modes run by the Aspire ASP chip on this mod: Variable Wattage, Variable Voltage, and Bypass. Wattage ranges from 1-60 and scrolls in whole watt increments when you hold it down, or 0.1 increments for individual button presses.

The Mixx mod allows the option to change between a single 18650 battery or a single 1350 battery. This is enabled by two different battery tubes that come with the mod, they can be easily changed depending on which one you prefer, you do need to have an Allen key to be able to do it though. Simply use the Allen key to remove the metal poles holding the battery tubes in, swap it with the other battery tube and screw it back on. This is a very nice feature that not many mods have that allow you to customise your mod to your specific needs, it also makes the mod significantly smaller when you are using the 1350 battery.


What’s Inside the Box?
Mixx Mod
18650 Battery Tube (Pre-installed)
18350 Battery Tube
2x Screws
User Manual


Dimensions – 48mm x 24mm x 83mm (18650 battery) 53mm (18350 battery)
Weight – 120g
Material – CNC Aluminium and Stainless Steel
Modes – VW/VV/Bypass
Screen – 0.91″ OLED
Power Output – 1-60W
Battery – Single 18650 or 18350


Aspire SunBox Mixx 60w Mod