Why have we added age verification to Eco-Vape.co.uk?

As a seller of nicotine-containing products, we are required by law to complete our own due diligence to ensure our products do not fall into the hands of Minors.

Who collects my information for this? 

We have integrated a system from 1account.net for this. 1account takes your mobile number and email address to cross-reference with public data.

What information is collected?

Predominantly it is just your mobile number and Email address. However, if this info is insufficient in matching your info with a data set, more info will be required. If so your address will be required. If this is also insufficient 1account will request either a copy of your driving license number, citizen card or bank account information.

Does it cost anything?

There is no cost to you for using this age verification process.

What if I don’t have a phone number?

You will need to enter your home phone number in this section and enter your address on the following page for further data to cross-reference.

How does it work?


Make your Order and go to checkout. You can log in, register, or skip using an account at this point.

Screen Shot of the Eco Vape Cart when making an order of new vape


Proceed to enter your billing and shipping details, remembering to input your phone number for delivery. Accept the terms and conditions and proceed.

Screenshot of Checkout on eco vape website


At this point, you will be prompted to enter your mobile number in the 1Account popup. If you dont have a mobile number you can enter your home phone number and click continue to be taken to extra info options. If this is successfull you can ignore steps B and C

Screenshot of Age Verify Screen that popus up from checkout process


If your mobile number was unable to be verified or you don’t use a mobile number, you will be taken to the next screen to input your address. Simply fill out the details and click continue. If this is successful you can ignore step c.

Screenshot of Age Verify Address input


If both options above fail to meet the age requirements the final verification screen will ask for any of the following options: Credit Card, Visa / Debit, Driving license number, or CitizenCard. If this is still unsuccessful and you are able to provide evidence of your age, please contact.

Screen Shot of Age Verify Card process


You will receive an SMS with a Unique one time code. Input this in the next screen to complete verification. And click Continue to be taken to PayPal to complete your order.